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  • PLANETARIUM UPDATES.... Watch our new show "Experience the AURORA" at Fakieh Planetarium.

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Show Timings

Show 1
Zula Petrol

05:00 PM

Show 2
Beyond the Sun

05:30 PM

Show 3
Passport to the Universe

06:30 PM

Show 4

07:30 PM

Show 5
Passport to the Universe

08:30 PM

Show 6
Beyond the Sun

09:30 PM

Show 7

10:30 PM

Show 8
Passport to the Universe

11:30 PM

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Tawakkalna verification is mandatory.

Temperature check is mandatory.

Facemask is mandatory all the time.

Leave a safe distance not less than 2 meters.

We prefer contactLess payments to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Lift entry is limited to two persons. Please practice social distancing.

Wash your hands for atleast 30 seconds.

Avoid touching eyes, nose & mouth.

Cover mouth & nose with flexed elbow OR tissues when sneezing / coughing.

Stay at home if Unwell.

We advise adults 65 years old and above and people with chronic diseases to avoid crowded places.



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  • The mass of the sun is 99.86% of the total mass of the solar system. Fakieh Planetarium | فقيه بلانيتيريوم @PlanetariumJed

  • In 2006, #Pluto was excluded from the solar system because it is a dwarf planet. Fakieh Planetarium | فقيه بلانيتيريوم @PlanetariumJed

  • 2003 UB313 is the name of a planet that was discovered recently however it was not entered in the solar system. Fakieh Planetarium | فقيه بلانيتيريوم @PlanetariumJed

Passport to the Universe

Passport to the Universe takes audiences on a thrilling journey through the observable universe. Fly beneath the rings of Saturn, float through the heart of the Orion Nebula, and plunge into a black hole during this captivating introduction to cosmology.

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